Whether you are in a relationship or single, Valentine’s Day is about love more than gift. It’s a special day to express your love and passion to your lover; you can also choose to learn and love yourself more. This year, my husband and I decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We want to save some money for the future holiday and minimise waste.

In fact, UK customers have spent more then £1 billion on Valentine’s Day in last year. Waste and pollution generated because, for example, mine pollution due to high demand of jewellery; plastic and excessive packaging which can not be recycled; or fresh flowers got thrown away created a high amount of waste.

It’s the season about love, not waste. We can share the love not only with our lovers, but also with our planet. Here is my list of ethical and eco gift guide for Valentine’s Day! Share the earth some love 😀

EthicaL gift & eco gift #1

[Gift Feature: Organic / Vegan / Natural / Made in the UK / Small Business]

Evolve is an organic and natural beauty brand in the UK. They hand-crafted their products in their studio Hertfordshire with natural superfood based ingredients scouted from around the world.

This lovely gift set is their best selling. It contains 10ml Hyaluronic Serum 200, 30ml Daily Renew Facial Cream and 30ml Radiant Glow Mask. I’m always a big fan of natural Hyaluronic acid. Both serum and facia cream contain the acid can help to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. The mask is made of raw cacao powder, coconut granules and clay. It’s a natural and simple way to cleans and purify the skin.

It’s such a nice gift for those who loves and enjoys pamper themselves!

ETHICAl gift & ECO GIFT #2

[Gift Feature: Plastic Free / Green Living / Handmade in England / Small Business]

Instead of giving her a a flower bouquet, why not give her a pot plant that can last longer? This planter by [IM] Perfect is made by hand (slowly) in England. Each product is create by the founder with love, authenticity, attention and dedication. (Powerful words!) Everything she created is so unique and full of fun. You can enjoy sometime by planting a new plant together. I think that’s more meaningful!

Ethical gift & Eco Gift #3
Ara | the altar Orbit ring £25.00

[Gift Feature: Organic / Recycled Material / Biodegradable Packaging / Vegan]

I found this lovely shop on Etsy while i was working on my stuff. Ara | the altar handmade their products by using recycled eco-friendly 925 sterling silver to reduce waste and environmental impact. The best thing I love the most is their packaging. They use only certified organic cotton ribbon, biodegradable packaging and plant based ink to print their business cards. Plus each piece is finished using vegan polishing compounds without animal substance. How great is it!?

I do love this Orbit ring because of the simple and minimal style with a quite special textures. Just like Ara | the altar said on their site: Orbit is the perfect eco-conscious treat to yourself or gift for another.

Ethical gift & Eco Gift #4
Elephant London Dry Gin 500ml £30.90

[ Gift Feature: Handcrafted / Wildlife Conservation / Custom-made]

If you another half is Gin lover, this is going to be the perfect gift for her/him!
This is an award-winning Elephant London Dry Gin is a handcrafted premium gin with blend of 14 botanicals combines rare African ingredients with fresh apples. That given it complex but smooth, encompassing floral, fruity and spicy flavours. The final product is produced in Germany instead to keep the high quality. The best part is their engagement in conserving elephants. With every full size bottle sold, Elephant Gin contributes 15% of profits to Big Life Foundation and Space for Elephants, while with each miniature bottle sold, 15% of profits is donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. All of these organisations are devoted to the conservation of the African elephant. While you are enjoy the glass of cocktail, you are also helping to protect this gorgeous animal creatures.

Ethical gift & Eco Gift #5
Montezuma Peanut Butter Truffle Jar £24.99

[Gift Feature: Fair Trading / Work with Charity / Vegan Option / Small Business]

Montezumas is a England brand chocolate focussing on sustainable and organic ethic. They have their trading fairly policy in their producing line, covering the suppliers they work with, packaging they use, rubbish they dispose and how ingredient are farmed. This is small local business with a vision on providing great quality chocolate ethically. Montezumas also works with a charity, Children on Edge. This is a charity aimed to help marginalised children around the world by realising their rights, and restoring the ingredients of a full childhood!

This lovely Peanut Butter Truffle Jar is the best gift for all sweet-tooth lovers. Milk chocolate with peanut paste, salted peanut and fine sea salt…That is just fascinating! After enjoying the truffle, the jar can be reused again to.(Pretty ideal for me!) They have vegan chocolate as well!

Ethical gift & Eco GIft #6
Oxfam Great Gifts That Change Lives – 

[Gift Feature: Charity Gift / Empower Women / Improve Humanity / Real Zero Waste]

Valentine’s Day, honestly, is more for women. While put the money enjoying a horrible set dinner, why don’t use it to empower another woman? Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift is a poverty-busting presents to help transforming lives around world. Did you know one in three women are facing some form of violence, mostly are domestic violence. This End Violence Against Women gift can help women escape violence, get their civil right and start a new life without being threatened. This is the most meaningful gift for a woman to help another woman. No one should be treated in that, just because she is a woman.

Ethical gift & eco Gift #7
Love Card Made by Shannon £3.00

[Gift Feature: Recycled Material / Biodegradable Material / Made in the UK / Small Business]

Last but not least, a card is still a must on Valentine’s Day right? Made By Shannon is also a shop on Etsy selling gift and greeting card that made ethically in England. They use recycled material to produce high quality greeting cards. They only use vegetable ink for printing and present in biodegradable cellophane bags. bags. All products are designed by Shannon! Easy to purchase on Etsy!

I hope this gift guide can help you to find a more meaning gift for your love (and yourself!).

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This is a personal blog post. I didn’t associate with any brands I listed above.


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