New Year Trip to Dubai has just ended! Dubai is one of the most luxurious and famous cities in the world. It has always fascinated me with its vision, power and creation. Here’s some pictures of my trip to share with you!

DSC02706_FotorBurj Al Arab – This beautiful sail-shaped hotel is the landmark in Dubai. The interior is quite different to other luxury hotels I’ve been to. The use of colours can be quite garish, but the whole atmosphere made me think of the classic late 60s to early 70s style. It’s kind of a mix of  modern and retro. The blue and yellow tiles on the floor inside the Sahn Eddar Restaurant creates a very strong contrast, which we do not often see in hotel restaurants. From this iconic building, I see the innovation of the people of Dubai, as well as how they see (or spend) their wealth.

DSC02711_FotorBeautiful tiles on the floorDSC02723_Fotor


DSC02767_FotorGlass of Champagne Louis Roederer Brut NV before the meal..DSC02777_Fotor

DSC02773_FotorTime for a foodie to do her job… Yummm

Freshly Baked Scones (the homemade passion-fruit preserve is so good!)DSC02797_Fotor


DSC02794_Fotor We also joined the Camel Trekking Tour in the desert!  Hello, Cuties!DSC02873_FotorWas she laughing? 😀DSC02917_Fotor



DSC03045_FotorFantastic view hereDSC03035_Fotor


DSC03063_FotorBack to the urban – got on the metro!DSC03082_Fotor



DSC03260_FotorAt the Top Burj Khalifa – Burj Khalifa is another landmark of Dubai. You cannot turn your back on  the supreme verve and power of the world’s tallest building. Though I don’t fear heights, the experience of the view from the 124th floor did get me a bit nervous. I highly recommend going at night, the city view from the top in the dark is simply gorgeous and breathtaking! DSC03220_Fotor




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