If you drive through the ring road to the southern region of Iceland, you just can’t miss Vik; one of the smallest but charming villages in Iceland. It has been quietly and humbly amazingly beautiful for so many years.

Firstly, it’s because Vik is the best (or only) place to stock up what you need for the upcoming journey, especially if Skaftafell is your next destination. There are no other towns or villages nearby for stocking up, not until you drive to Höfn.

Secondly, it definitely would be a shame not to visit Vik. Located on the main ring road with only 318 population, Vik had her name worldwide in 1991 when Island Magazine featured and counted the black sand beach as one of the ten most beautiful beaches on Earth.

iceland vik[Farmhouse Lodge]

We stayed at the Farmhouse Lodge (via near Skeiðflöt for two days in December. It took us 5 to 10 minutes back and forth driving to Vik. Despite the distance, it is a comfy and lovely hostel, also insanely dark and quiet at night. The manager was Irish, very friendly and helpful as well. She was traveling the world and settled in Iceland briefly because of its beauty. Since we arrived a bit too early, the room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to go for lunch and walk around in Vik. Not many options in such a small place, but thanks to Google Maps, we found the lovely Suður-Vík Restaurant

Iceland Vik[The Farmhouse]

[On the way to Vik]

Iceland Vik[Winter in Iceland!]

Iceland Vik[Vik i Myrdal Church]

We spent some time in the village and drove up to the Vik i Myrdal Church. Unfortunately, during our visit, the weather was completely unbearable. A rainstorm was continuously hitting Vik, however, the view was still spectacular under the rainstorm. We were in the car and up on the hill, the sound and the vibration of the waves still transmitted through the air to us. It did shake us up a little.

Iceland Vik[The Black Sand Beach]

We couldn’t manage to get out of the car and the church was closed, so we thought it was time to get back to the Farmhouse before the weather got worse…

iceland vik[Our comfy room]

The next morning we drove back to Vik as we booked our section with Vik Horse Adventure for Icelandic horse riding. When we arrived at the stable, everyone there was busy working; cleaning horses and feeding them. Icelandic people do love and care for their animals, as well as the environment. The Icelandic horse is a pretty unique breed as the Icelandic government has banned importing horses into Iceland and vice versa. So yeah, you can only find them in Iceland! For some very native countries, Icelandic farmers still ride horses for shepherding work!

After putting on the gear and tightening our snow jackets, the lady brought us two lovely beautiful pony-sized Icelandic horses — yet pretty grumpy. We totally understood that no one would want to go for a walk in such bad weather, but hey, we didn’t expect that when we booked it right!? So, please …? Both of them were being slightly moody and tapping the ground for a while, after some negotiations and riding tips from the horse lady, they finally agreed. Sorry Ponies! 😛

Iceland Vik[Vik Horse Adventure]

We walked along the black sand beach and further down to the coastal area. To be honest it’s hard to see much in that kind of weather. However, it’s amazing and fascinating to experience the power of mother nature. She is the most powerful and dominant woman with no fear but dangerous is the characteristic mood with her. As a girl who was born and raised in the city, I’d always dreamed of living in a place like this; a place that is so close to the heart of her…

Things got messier and messier. The weather became extremely horrible; not only was it cold, but also the crazy rain and the strong wind basically was biting us like a thousand needles. I was amazed by the strength and patience of Icelandic horses, even they don’t enjoy the weather (who does…) and with their small size, they are still hardy and tough animals. We got back to the stable later. Thanks to those ponies, we had our ride safe and sound!

Iceland Vik

The weather became calmer later that night and those dark clouds cleared. We spent the whole evening at the Farmhouse, lucky enough we have had prepared some food to stay in as there’s nothing out there. The whole world was so quiet and the sky became clearer bit by bit. The darkness was desperate to swallow the feeble light, even the last glimmer, but I was totally immersed in this country of rugged soil and wintry sky, and probably the last peaceful place on Earth…

Hope you guys like it! See ya xxx


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