Last year we went to Santorini in April to celebrate Mr Man’s birthday. April is actually a rather great season to visit Santorini (the local people told us!) First, it’s not the peak season yet, so the island won’t be overly crowded. Second, the weather is just simply fantastic without being extremely hot. Third, prices of flight tickets and hotels would be more affordable as well!SantoriniI was still staying in Hong Kong and was busy preparing our wedding during that period of time. It’s was really exhausting to manage the trip, even if it was a short one. This was why we only spent our time mostly in Oia which is the main town famous for its amazing sunset views of Santorini. Also, Oia is the place where you can find those white and blue cliff/cave houses!

It was a short weekend, however, it’s still good enough to just chill and allow us to spend some time together without fussing about the wedding planning. I really appreciated this trip happened ❣The island is breathtakingly beautiful! It’s been more than a year after the trip to Santorini but I could still feel the warm and gentle breeze touching on my face and hear the splashing of waves — while I was editing the pictures for this travel journal.SantoriniSantorini is a small island located in the southern Aegean Sea. In the Greek mythology, the creation of Santorini was totally out of a surprise…

One night, Euphemus dreamt that he made love to a nymph and later she told him that she got pregnant with his child and they couldn’t let the nymph’s father know that or he would be very angry. She immediately needed a safe and secret place to protect herself and the infant. She asked Euphemus that he needed to throw a clod of earth from Anaphe into the sea. Euphemus then woke up and decided to follow what the nymph said to him in the dream. So he threw a clod of earth into the ocean and a brand new island arose on the Aegean sea. This new island became the safe place the nymph and she also gave birth to their child, Theras. This is also how the island got its name Thera (aka Santorini).

SantoriniWe were basically doing nothing during that weekend, apart from eating, drinking and enjoying the sunsets. We managed to find a few local restaurants where we were provided amazing seafood and salad. Mediterranean cuisine is definitely my favorite! It’s tasty, healthy, and always with LOAD OF TOMATOES! (I ❤ TOMATOES!) I highly recommended the following two restaurants to all of you. They are Metaxi Mas – Μεταξύ Μας [official] & Melitini Oia Tapas – Meze Restaurant. Both served great high-quality seafood with amazing views and decorations! It’s definitely a must to visit if you go to Santorini!

↑ Metaxi Mas – Μεταξύ Μας [official]  /  Melitini Oia Tapas – Meze Restaurant ↓ 

We indeed spent a day visiting the well-known Santo Wine Winery (Ya, we were very active!)

We stayed at the  Kastro Oia Houses (via Kastro Oia House comes with the best view of the ocean, we could simply climb out from the big window and watched the glorious and golden sun set. I was also infatuated with the outdoor jacuzzi. We had our very very romantic nights bathing and drinking wine. The sky and stars were simply exclusive to us at night after most visitors were gone. They also provided delicious breakfast for guest requests! I truly recommend Kastro Oia House.Santorini

Even though it wasn’t an inspirational trip like the one in Iceland (TRAVEL JOURNAL: ICELAND GLACIERSTRAVEL JOURNAL: ICELAND, VIK), but it’s surely a charming and romantic place for couples and absolutely the best destination for a honeymoon ❣


P.S. For all the crazy cat ladies on the planet x


Hope you enjoy it! x

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