Sustainable Fashion Idea & Six Items Challenge

Recently, I have signed up a campaign organized by Labour Behind The Label Trust, Six Items Challenge. It aims to raise money and support the garment workers.They believe ‘no-one should live in poverty for the price of a cheap t-shirt. That a living wage is a basic human right, as is working without fear for your life. We are committed to making these ideals a reality in the garment industry.’ This challenge brings a simple idea of fair and sustainable fashion, as all participants can only select six items of clothing and pledge to wear only there every day from 14th Feb to 29th March — for the WHOLE 6 WEEKS.

Honestly, I don’t feel like it is that hard at all. Since I have become an eco-blogger, I basically choose to minimize and declutter my wardrobe as much as I can. It is really easy to wear the same outfit (same style!) every day for me. It is indeed pretty straightforward once you find your own unique style, which you think suit you the most and you feel confident as well as comfortable. I don’t feel like I need to compromise anything after I found my own ‘trend’. (More detail please read: STOP OVERCONSUMPTION – HOW TO FIND YOUR STYLE)

I would love to share a bit of my thought about how to pick items which are easy for mix and match; also practice the concept of sustainable fashion in my daily life during this challenge. I hope you will like it and discover your own way to sustainable fashion! Plus, some of my clothing may come from some fast fashion companies which we shall not name, so I will not tell the brand names of my outfit; however, most of them have been with me for at least 2 years (Again, since I quitted fast fashion.) or they are vintage/secondhand clothing! That’s how I work on my sustainable fashion!

So I’m going to show you five outfits that I paired up with six pieces of clothing I have in my wardrobe! (Cheeky)

Outfit #1

Yes, this is my every f**king day outfit! I love polka dot as well as black & white, so this shirt became my forever favorite since I bought it in 2011. It is simple, cool, chic, and timeless! I love shirts, especially with patterns! I paired it with my simple black trousers and da-da—-a cool and smart Scandinavian style!

sustainable fashion

Outfit #2

YUP YUP! It’s basically the same, however, once I put on a jumper, things changed, It layered up my outfit, and the color of the jumper soften the Sharpe pattern form the polka dot shirt which gave a soft and comfy total look. Although I still showed off the collar of the shirt! (Spice it up a bit!)

sustainable fashion

Outfit #3

Here’s my usual date night look! I created this modern 1940 look with these handmade trousers and my vintage blouse. (Again, it is polka dot!) I love the mid-length flare sleeve on the blouse which gave a very feminine and retro feeling. Red trousers made the outfit looked even more lady-like but still has a strong and firm character.

sustainable fashion

Outfit #4

What a playful look! To be honest I don’t usually dress like this but I found it’s quite an interesting look! It’s best for hanging around in the city or while I go for my vintage hunting for my shop! I actually received a lot of compliments on this outfit! Cute right? (LOL)

sustainable fashion

Outfit #5

I recently bought this secondhand top. It’s cheap and I love the style (Yah! Sustainable Fashion Deal) I’m in love with the very feminine and girly looking of the top, but it would be too much for me! So, I paired it with my black trousers as well as my one and the only one trainers! It’s great for anything! From every day look to party! I just LOVE the outfit! Just me, style kooky 😀

sustainable fashion

You can support me and Labour Behind The Label Trust by donating to my fundraising page –> HERE

If you are interested in fair and sustainable fashion as well as the Six Items Challenge, you can sign up here [Labour Behind The Label Trust]! You can also follow me on Instagram / Twitter / Sign up the newsletter (See!? at the bottom!) or DO IT ALL! (I will be over the moon :D) I really really hope you like my outfit idea because I don’t show my face that often (feeling awkward now!)

Hope you have a great day!

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