To minimise fashion waste, I absolutely recommend you to buy secondhand clothing, however, not lingerie. I don’t want to compromise, and not because I can’t find an alternative brand that I end up going back to fast fashion brands, I know nice quality lingerie means a lot to a lady.

Underwear is like a second layer of skin for women. We need great support and protection every day yet it has to be comfy and gentle. So finding a good sustainable and ethical lingerie brand is a must for any women who intend to work in eco fashion (like me!)

I thought there were a lot more lingerie brands in the states than the UK, but I don’t want to pay for the shipping as well as increasing carbon footprint. That’s why I have spent a bit of time looking for some lingerie brands that I can buy in the UK. You may need to pay a bit more for that because many of their products are handmade ethically and using sustainable fabrics. The money you pay is indeed a fair price (fast fashion is cheap because they bully workers and there are many other non-ethical reasons), and nice lingerie is all about quality.  As I said it is like buying a layer of ‘second skin’. So buy less but buy the quality – That’s the spirit of ethical and sustainable fashion!

Luva Huva

Luva Huva was the very first lingerie brand I knew a few years back. The style and design are so charming and feminine. The fabrics used by Luva Huva are mostly bamboo, soy, hemp and certified organic cotton. They don’t mass produce their products to minimize fashion waste and add value to their unique design for each season. I love the fact that they fully support local UK factories and manufacturers, which means all products are ethical.


Bonny Cream Supportive Bra & Brief Set £74.00

Lara Intimates

All garments are handmade in their own studio located in Soho, London, Lara Intimates insists to use reclaimed fabrics from large brands and factories preventing sending it to landfill. To keep the waste as low as they can, all remaining fabrics will be shredded and used as stuffing in a new garment! So whatever items you buy from them is indeed helping to minimize fashion waste, who doesn’t love that?


Hipster Brief £20.00

The Nude LabEL

The Nude Label is a Spanish lingerie brand run by a family. They make all their garments ethically using material like cotton (it seems they started to use more organic cotton!) I love the dreamy mood Nude Label created in their design, with a soft and comfy feeling and still give all women a great support. You can find their items on their own shop or on The Acey (Based in the UK)


Triangle Bodysuit €50.00


Cut Out Bra Peach £38.00 (Available on THE-ACEY.COM)


Baserange isn’t just another lingerie brand, you can find what you need (from dresses to socks) in their shop. Edgy design for new modern women while using natural fibers like organic cotton and bamboo and give a comfortable but firm support. All products are ethically made in Portugal and Turkey. It’s certainly on my wishlist!


Una Bra – Rib £40,56


I guess if you are into sustainable and eco fashion, you should have heard about Woron, a Scandinavian brand based in Copenhagen. Woron is one of my favorite brands as I just love the minimal and timeless design. Every piece acts as an essential item for every day wearing. It’s simple, long-lasting and gives you enough support. Woron is also a vegan brand, using only plant-based fabrics to give your a natural ‘second skin’ feeling. Love it!


Sexy & Slim Bodysuit Sleek Body – Black 549.00 kr.

Sustainable ethical lingerie

Onyx Bra in Black Available on Rêve En Vert £65.00

I hope you like this!

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