Poppy Austin Anti-aging Moisturizer – Retinol Cream w/ Green Tea & Vitamin E


Poppy Austin Restoration Serum – Hyaluronic Acid w/ Vitamin C & Green Tea


Poppy Austin is definitely one of my favourite skin care products. I started using their hyaluronic acid serum and retinol cream when I was suffering from hormonal acne last year. During that period of time, I urgently needed something natural, less chemical, fast absorbing and able to hydrate my skin throughout the whole day and night.

After searching around, I found that Poppy Austin is a natural, organic and environmentally-friendly vegan beauty brand. So I decided to give it a go. I was so desperate to see the results, and it finally paid off when I was halfway through using the third bottle. The break out stopped (also with the change of diet and exercises!) The results became more obvious later on my fourth bottle. Scars and redness were gradually reduced and lessened.

The retinol (Vitamin A) cream is widely known to diminish wrinkles or any sign of ageing, however, it has the most benefit for me or people who suffer from acne blemishes. Retinol also helps to refine the surface of the skin and improve uneven skin tone. The retinol cream from Poppy Austin combined with organic aloe and wild-crafted green tea is something I just simply love!

Hyaluronic acid (HA) plays an important role in skin health. HA helps to stabilize and renew skin cells by attracting and holding a large capacity of water. That’s why HA is a great product for hydrating and revitalizing skin and eventually giving a softer and smoother layer. HA is mostly suitable for all skins types. Even the most sensitive or blemish-prone skin. Poppy Austin creates their Hyaluronic acid serum from a vegan source (pure vegan 5% Hyaluronic Acid) as well as Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Jojoba Oil!

All products from Poppy Austin are natural, organic and never tested on animals! Who could say no to that? 😀

More info & Available from Amazon UK or PoppyAustin Official Site [Note that customs charge may apply for UK delivery]

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