Balance Detoxifying Cleanser


Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum


Balance Essential Moisturiser


Balance Refining Toning Mist


Recently I have tried a new set of skincare products from Nourish Skin Range. There are many reasons why this lovely British beauty brand caught my attention. Not only because all Nourish Skin Range products are made in the UK (which means it is safe and ethical), but they are also vegan (see The Vegan Society Certification) and cruelty-free brand (see Cruelty-Free International Certification). Nourish London has also been certified by Soil Association for their organic ingredients. That’s truly the type of products that I’m looking for!

I picked the Balance Gift Pack and it came with 4 bottles:

Balance Detoxifying Cleanser 100 ml  x 1

Balance Refining Toning Mist 100ml  x 1

Balance Essential Moisturiser 50ml x 1

Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum  30ml x 1

This range contains mainly apple extracts and following with a blend of vitamins and mineral and is suitable for combination skin.

I only use the detoxifying cleanser in the morning or in the evening that I did not put on any makeup. As I found it is a very gentle cream cleanser and good after getting up from bed, but I would prefer a stronger cleanser if I have makeup on my face. I follow the instructions and apply the cleanser on the cotton pad and sweep over my face with gentle circular motions. It indeed does a great job to help remove dirt and oil on my face after the long night. With antioxidant vitamins C & E, the cleanser not only cleans but helps to protect collagen and refines pores too.

I especially love the smell of the toning mist and the peptide serum, the scent of crisp apple is absolutely refreshing. The toner mist is the best way to prep my skin for serum and moisturises better. It does help reduce inflammation, especially after a long day. I can see how it leaves my skin soft and glowing in the morning and it doesn’t sting my eyes at all! I normally apply the peptide serum when my face is still damp after the mist. I found it is more effective for your skin to absorb the serum. Both toner and serum contain vitamin B3 and B5, more than just hydrating the skin, also energising skin cells and stimulating lipid production. B3 is the best ingredient for long-term hydration and regulating moisture balance!

The essential moisturiser is like a natural barrier after all. The smell is pleasant and the cream is so light and not sticky at all. It helps to prevent the serum from drying out and balances the skin all day or night long. But I think it may not be suitable for the crisp and windy winter, as the cream may not be thick enough to protect your skin from that kind of weather (I do recommend face oil, will talk about it in the future!)

Overall I’m satisfied with those Nourish Skin Range products I tried so far. I can see the slight difference on my face. Redness and inflammation are totally under control, I don’t see myself with an oily face in the evening (I only washed my face twice a day, morning and before bed!) Once again, I’m glad I found these great products for my sensitive skin!

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