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I’m pleased and happy to share todays blog post with you! Why? Because it’s one of the best facial oils I have ever found! Yes! BYBI Supercharge Serum is just AMAZING! So what so good about it?

Firstly, it’s 100% vegan (see The Vegan Society Certification) and cruelty-free (see Leaping Bunny) product. And it’s made in the UK! (Love it already!)

Then, let’s take a look at ingredients. The BYBI Supercharge Serum made from a mix of different oils. Some of the ingredients like prickly pear and jasmine oils can help to moisturise, soften and encourage skin cell rejuvenation. Others like poppy seed and lemongrass oils are able to balance and even skin tone.

The problem of me using facial oil is that I could get break out quite easily, and sometimes it’s really hard for my skin to absorb the product.
To be honest, I don’t normally suggest anyone with sensitive skin to use facial oil, especially pure floral type oils. For example, pure rose-hip oil is way too heavy and oily for sensitive skin to absorb and may cause irritation; lavender oil (from what I know) is no obvious benefit for skin. So it’s quite a challenge to find a suitable facial oil for skin types like me. Even for this BYBI Supercharge Serum also contains lemongrass oils which may irritate my skin but I would still like to give it a go.

I found the texture of the serum is rather different from other facial oils I have used before.
First, it’s not overly thick or sticky, and it’s surprisingly light and easy for skin to absorb. With a liquid feeling, however, the hydration effect is pretty intense and deep. I’ve been using it for nearly a month and no irritation or break out occurred, not even red patches.

It’s indeed improving my dry skin after a month. I don’t feel like my skin is tight and no more stinging feeling during the whole December. My skin does look brighter and healthy. With a little facial massage to improve the blood circulation, my skin looks glowing!
I only brought this serum when I was on my holidays earlier in Hungary. This size of the bottle is so handy and able to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day and night, also in cold weather.

I bought my BYBI supercharge serum from Planet Organic. You can have a look on their official site, BYBI Beauty.

One last thing! The product I’ve shared here works for me, but doesn’t mean it will also work on you. So please make sure you read the list of ingredients and do a patch test before using it. (This is what I do every time!) It’s the best way to protect your lovely skin ♥

I hope you like it!

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