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I’m excited to tell you all that my new shop – Water Lily Vintage has finally opened on Etsy last week! I have been spending all my time and energy on it for the last couples of weeks.

Vintage fashion is one of my passions since 5 years ago during my first visit to London. I was so amazed by the stories, the fabric and …the smell (Weirdo!)  I have always had a thing with old stuff and history when I was young. Sadly, vintage fashion didn’t have a huge market in Hong Kong. So when I moved to London, vintage fashion just rocked my world.

The more I dug into vintage fashion, the more I realised buying and selling vintage clothing can actually help to decrease the waste of fashion pollution. Millions and millions of tonnes of unwanted clothing go into landfill every year which makes the fashion industry the second biggest polluter. As an eco, conscious blogger and customer, I have avoided buying any fast fashion clothing and blindly following trends. I know I have been saying this 1000 times 😛 ) So, when I was looking for an idea to start my own business a few months ago, I didn’t even hesitate for a second thought, I just went with vintage fashion.

Water Lily Vintage

I basically did almost everything by myself, from my business plan to designing the shop logo, not to mention the legwork to hunt for vintage dresses. I’m so glad that my husband is being super supportive ♥ I only need to focus on my new business, Water Lily Vintage, without worrying too much. 

Water Lily Vintage

So what do I sell?

Water Lily Vintage is a shop that’s full of 60s and 70s (maybe a bit of 80s) pieces. Boho and mod style is what I’m focusing on at the moment. I’m also looking at pieces that were made in England or even London. Who doesn’t love UK vintage? 😀 I have so many beautiful midi and maxi dresses, they are absolutely fabulous and in fantastic condition!

Water Lily Vintage

If you also fancy vintage fashion, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop

 ⇢ Water Lily Vintage 

You can also follow Water Lily Vintage Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook to check out the latest stock and promotion. *Opening Offer 10% off orders over £50!* 

More and more beautiful dresses will be coming soon, I hope you can find something great for yourself! Vintage is definitely a sustainable way to be fashionable!

Water Lily Vintage

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