Hong Kong’s First Zero Waste Shop

I’m so happy and excited that I have met quite a few great and amazing people during my trip to Hong Kong. They are all working so hard and contributing to improving the environment. One of them is Tamsin Thornburrow, the shop owner of Live Zero which is based in Hong Kong.
Tamsin is a kind and cheerful young lady who is so dedicated to the sustainable lifestyle. I didn’t know of a proper zero waste shop in Hong Kong before she opened one! As a Hongkong-er, I really appreciate and respect what she is doing to raise awareness on the use of plastic and helping to promote a zero waste lifestyle. Her work is definitely influential and makes people start thinking that they can actually have a choice between plastic and zero waste. After visiting her shop, I decided to send her a message about this interview and I do want to help her gain more recognition for her shop. She was so willing to help me finish this blog post. So here, I want to give her my biggest Thank You!

1. Why and how did you get into zero waste living and start a zero waste shop?

I’ve always been eco-conscious and tried to live as sustainably as possible. I noticed that the vast majority of the waste I produced came from food packaging and I realised that nowhere in HK provided food package free. I was inspired to make a change, and encourage the HK community to also live more sustainably, so I set up Live Zero! A place where myself and other people in HK could shop for food in a ZERO WASTE WAY!

zero waste shop

2. What is the biggest challenge of running a zero waste shop in hong kong? 

Sourcing products locally and encouraging people to take the time to shop in this way!

zero waste shop

3. What is motivating you to continue?

Knowing that plastic pollution is ruining our planet and that we NEED to take action. Living waste free isn’t just a trend – it NEEDS to be the way we live/part of our lifestyle.

4. What are your plans for the future as a zero waste shop owner?

I just hope to continue to stock foods and products that people need to live zero waste, and hopefully expand to more locations across HK too! So that zero waste living is accessible for everyone!

zero waste shop

5. What message and advice do you have for someone who wants to start a zero waste / low impact lifestyle?

Take the small steps! It’s all about starting to change small things in your lifestyle until they become a habit – it will snowball and help you ALWAYS make eco-friendly decisions. Start by refusing single-use plastics for example!

6. What is your favorite product in your shop?

– The stasher bags!! They make cooking and storing food super easy/totally waste free. I’m also currently obsessed with our dried mulberries – they’re just so sweet!

zero waste shop

Reusable Silicone Food Stasher Bag – Clear Half Gallon HK$190


To me, running a business doesn’t just mean to make a great profit, while a good course and a meaningful purpose can also be the drive and core of a business. I learnt this when I started my own little vintage shop on Etsy; I reckoned there’s always someone who is sharing the same thought with me as well. I do find them and I also believe there are more of them out there. I just can’t wait to meet them all 😀 If you ever have a chance to visit Hong Kong, please do go and visit Live Zero Hong Kong and Miss Tamsin! Make your trip 100% a zero waste journey!

zero waste shop

Live Zero Bulk Foods 24 High Street Sai Ying Pun Open Daily Monday – Saturday 11am – 8pm Sundays 11am – 6pm Email us: hello@livezero.hk

zero waste shop

Photo Credit: My best best best friend Kayla Yeung xx

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