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Hello. I’m back

I stopped blogging for nearly 2 years. It isn’t a bad thing after all; indeed I’m glad I did that. It is always nice to take a step back.

I started to write my blog about 4 years ago, to be honest, I never really knew what I wanted to achieve as a ‘blogger’. Posting my everyday outfit and writing about where and why I brought this and that didn’t make me feel happy or fulfilled. I was just repeating what most other bloggers are doing, and I truly thought they are doing a greater job than me. So I thought it’s about time to slow down, reminisce and rethink of everything I want to say and share on the Internet.

I asked myself What I Want To Do Here? I realised I don’t enjoy crazy shopping anymore neither encouraging people to go shopping. I wonder who makes my clothes. I care about if my makeup and skincare products involved animal abuse. Finally, I realised I want to do an alternative fashion and beauty blog for what I believe.

Then not long ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix named ‘The True Cost’. It’s film that explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet. Through the lens of cameras, you see the real struggle of those poor workers in developing countries. They make our cheap clothes without a reasonable wage, safe working environment and basic human right. At the same time, the pollution caused by abandoned unwanted clothing and leather productions increase the risk of health problem and even cancer of those workers living nearby and also their families. The film just like a message getting me to have a closer and clearer look of the modern fashion and beauty industry and tell me I should start doing what I believe in.

To do this, I did put some efforts. I recreated my closet and reviewed all my beauty products. Building an ethical and eco-friendly closet wasn’t easy, and it’s quite time-consuming to do loads of research before I buy anything new. However, these little changes of your life can make a huge difference for the society and even the world. I’m willing to keep all these in line with my new choices, priorities and values.

From now on more messages and information of sustainability, ethical fashion and curtly free products will be covered here. I hope in here you could find something you are looking for.

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