I reckoned everything is simply connected. I never thought I would become one of those people who’d want to have a zero-waste lifestyle. Since I became more conscious in fashion, I also became more aware of what I buy other than just clothing. I understand that living in such a way can be a bit difficult, yet it’s POSSIBLE. I’m still on my way to reach a total zero-waste (or at least low-waste) lifestyle. If you are like me as a learner in eco and sustainable living, don’t worry, I would love to help and encourage you to do more.

Zero-waste living in London is way far behind than other cities in the U.S and Canada. This is also why we find difficulties on doing eco-friendly shopping, however, as I have been there, i’m going to share where you can find all eco and sustainable products in the UK!


The wise house is my first discovered eco and sustainable living online shop, based in Hampton, London. A small independent British shop selling lovely home accessories, from reusable kitchenwares to organic pajamas. They also work with different small brands and help to promote their business, and more importantly, the conscious lifestyle. There’s a section named Living With Less Waste – Shop in their online shop,  you can easily kick start your zero-waste lifestyle with those amazing products! Easy peasy!


Organic Cotton Produce Bags Set of Three / £13.00 on The Wise House


If you are a parent who believes in eco and sustainable style, boobalou is the shop for you. They have a wide range of products for babies. You can find organic washable baby wipes, reusable nappies and even fair trade toys. What about for the adult?  they also have many lady products, shampoo bars and other homewares for zero-waste living!


Kid’s Organic Spork / £3.50 on Boobalou


250 million empty toothpaste tubes were disposed each year only in the UK and god knows how many plastic toothbrushes are still in landfill. This is the shop I have been looking for on focusing zero-waste dental products. I need to admit that we are still using plastic toothbrushes now because we just got it in our cupboard. However, I promise that will be the last one. But why Georganics? Because what they do is just simply awesome. Georganics insists on 5 core values they set for themselves, all ingredient must be all natural, effective and synthetic free. Also, they have a high transparency and make sure all their packaging are free of plastic and are biodegradable. Stop putting toxic toothpaste in your mouth, time to change your dental products!


Oil Pulling Mouthwash English Peppermint 100ml &

Coconut Oil Toothpaste English Peppermint 60ml / £6.90 each


Zero Waste Nest is not a shop yet they offer many chooses when you look for something durable, sustainable and ethical. You can reuse the same products many times by choosing the right one. Most products they listed on their site are actually what they are using, so it’s more like a friend who is recommending you a great product! You can buy their recommended products on Amazon at the moment, however, they are looking into opening a physical shop in London in the future. Looking forward to it!


Mühle Safety Razor on Zero Waste Nest


The reason why the owner of One Small Shop opened her zero-waste shop is because she wants to fall in love with shopping again. That’s totally how I feel after I got myself into the conscious lifestyle. Checking label, researching ingredient, and certification (e.g. PETA, leaping bunny, organic etc.) could take away your fun in shopping (but that’s important to help you live a better life!) Katie, the owner of One small Shop, started her own ethical shop to help people like her to find and buy amazing products easier. You can find quite a lot of beauty products, stockings, bras and handbags; such a fab place for conscious ladies.


Hydrophil Lemongrass Soap £4.50 on One Small Shop


I know I have mentioned Wearth London in my previous blog post (see:ETHICAL GIFT & ECO GIFT FOR HER ON VALENTINE’S DAY) already, but they are too good not to mention again. this is the place you can find sustainable handmade furniture, and ethical homewares handmade in Britain. I love the fact that they actually listed out their package details in description. You are not only knowing the main product and also the packaging material. How thoughtful and nice this is?


Made Anew Circle Table £395 on Wearth London

Zero Habit

One thing I really love about Zero Habit is they also believe in second-hand shopping. That’s why you can find adorable vintage homewares from their shop. Isn’t it just wonderful? To me, using second-hand (whatever is pre-loved or real vintage) is one of the absolute solutions to minimize waste! (I learnt this from fashion!) Another fantastic thing they offer to all starters is their thoughtful zero-waste starter kit. You can find a set for you to shop in the market or a lovely toiletries set for your next trip. It may be hard to go for a zero-waste lifestyle, but again, it’s definitely possible as so many people out there are trying to hard to prove that and help you to adopt a more meaningful lifestyle.


Vintage French Glass & Wicker Carrier £29.99

I hope you can finally enjoy shopping without frustration. These are amazing independent businesses we need in the UK, I will find out more and keep you posted. I hope you like it x

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