Time to talk about eco fashion!

As I stopped shopping big brands and got more into secondhand/vintage clothing, my time spent looking for other sustainable brands became less. But recently I am thinking to add one or two pieces to join my capsule wardrobe. Brands I’m looking for have to be [1] ECO-FRIENDLY,  [2] MADE IN THE UK, [3] INDEPENDENT (it’s important to support small independent creative businesses!) So I have pushed myself into researching (Hey! All google girls!) and get myself to fall in love with these 4 UK designer brands! They all offer different timeless styles while using natural and comfy fabric with a mindful design.

Lemuel MC London

I first noticed Lemuel MC when I was browsing around on Etsy. Simple, earthy clothing in a modern Japanese style definitely caught my attention. Lemuel MC craft all their clothing with the love of the environment and the spirit of simplicity. Using only 100% linen to make their pieces, all their pieces can be long-lasting and always keep in shape. A range of mindful sustainable clothing is ethically hand-sewn by their own seamstresses in London. One of the real Eco fashion brands!

100% Linen Dress Stripes £150.00


Owner of Fool Dost, Laura Halliwell, found her inspiration in Northern India. Using only natural fabric and dye, plus fair trade certified tailoring to create an ethical and guilt-free collection. Simple and elegant design brought out the connection between human and human as well as humans and nature often missing from conventional fast fashion brands. There is a small production in India but gives out the best quality of clothing. This is the truly sustainable and eco fashion isn’t it?

Meena Tee Dress Pink Banana £108.00


Are you also into hippie style? I am absolutely in love with the collection from FARA Boutique! They only choose handcrafted fabrics and create their pieces with a heart and a soul. By creating a conscious fashion brand, the founders of FARA, Fumie, and Rachel (who are both mothers!) want to spread a message about the importance of sustainability and awareness for the next generation. This is also why sustainable living is the fundamental part to a better future. Mindful and timeless clothing can help us to minimise fashion waste. FARA is definitely one of the best you can find for your summer holidays!

Hemp Kate Maxi Dress £55.00


RIYKA probably was the very first eco fashion brand I came across on Etsy. The London vibe of the brand caught my attention, but surely its more then that. RIYKA is a true fashion brand that is pushing themselves to do better and better. Sourcing fabric that has minimal impact, certificated organic and fair-trade material, timeless design, zero fashion waste, up-cycled movement and ethical production —— this is the brand with a soul.

Shosh Organic Denim Jumpsuit  £150.00

I hope you like this post! Happy Conscious Shopping x

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